Comey Engineered the Ambush of Michael Flynn

There was nothing improper about Flynn talking to the Russian Ambassador during the transition.  It is a normal practice for all incoming administrations.  Moreover, Flynn was not acting as a private citizen, as the Act requires.

The book admits Comey broke protocols and FBI guidelines.  He did not seek approval from the White House Counsel.  It’s the kind of tactic that only the unprincipled Comey would employ.  “We just decided, you know, screw it,” said Comey.  Yet, Campbell tries to justify such egregious abuse of power.

What’s remarkable is that the Comey-McCabe scheme failed.  The two FBI agents sent to trap Flynn concluded he was not being deceptive but was telling the truth.  At that point, the FBI dropped the case.  It was resurrected later by Mueller’s team of unscrupulous partisans in order to pressure Flynn into saying something incriminating about Trump and the Russians.  He never did, but Flynn plead guilty because he was broke and Mueller was threatening Flynn’s son.

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