Supreme Court to consider ruling on Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament


An epic clash at the UK Supreme Court over whether the British Prime Minister deliberately misled the Queen has ended — and, as Westminster awaits its ruling, the government may have cause for concern.

After three days of weighty constitutional discussion about whether Boris Johnson lied to the monarch over the real reasons for suspending the UK Parliament in the run-up to Brexit, justices spent a great deal of time discussing precisely what they should do if they ruled against the government.
The President of the Supreme Court, Lady Hale, said the court would hand down its momentous ruling early next week. The lawmaker who brought the original case that led to the hearing said Parliament should be reopened immediately if the ruling goes against the government.
But after the session, Johnson did not rule out suspending parliament again. “The best thing I can say at the moment whilst their deliberations are continuing is that obviously I agree very much with the Master of the Rolls and the Lord Chief Justice and others who found in our favor the other day,” the Prime Minister told reporters on a visit to Wiltshire, western England. “I will wait to see what transpires,” the UK’s Press Association reported.

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