6-Year-Old Florida Girl Arrested After Tantrum At School

ORLANDO, Fla. — A Florida grandmother is upset after her 6-year-old granddaughter was handcuffed and arrested for throwing some sort of tantrum.

WKMG-TV reports Meralyn Kirkland got a call Thursday that a school resource officer at Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy arrested 6-year-old Kaia Rolle.

The grandmother said Rolle was acting out in class due to a side effect of a lack of sleep from a medical condition. After being sent to the office, Kirkland claims a staff member grabbed the girl’s wrists to calm her down — and that’s when she lashed out.

“She has a medical condition that we are working on getting resolved, and he says, ‘What medical condition?’ ‘She has a sleep disorder, sleep apnea,’ and he says, ‘Well, I have sleep apnea, and I don’t behave like that,’” Kirkland told WKMG.

Article URL : https://5newsonline.com/2019/09/21/6-year-old-florida-girl-arrested-after-tantrum-at-school/

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