Justin Trudeau performs a very fine balance

Rainclouds began drizzling overhead as Justin Trudeau re-emerged from the Portage Bakery, an 85-year-old Italian-Canadian institution in Niagara Falls, Ont. But the weather didn’t turn away the crowd of a hundred-odd supporters, most of whom gleefully returned to the Trudeaumania of 2015. The man himself didn’t say much—no speech, no rally—but maybe that’s for the best. Justin Trudeau has always charmed people with eager selfies and energized photo ops, like this impromptu one, where he tossed a supporter’s confused kid in the air. (The child doesn’t seem into it in this frame, but the crowd roared with applause, and he was smiling after he touched back down.) Trudeau seems to have moved on rather quickly from the blackface scandal. Moments like these—fun and human, devoid of critical thinking and inevitably unreliable political promises—may convince voters of the same.

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