Elizabeth Warren’s choice: ‘Medicare for All’ purity or a path to beating Donald Trump?

, USA TODAY Published 4:00 a.m. ET Sept. 23, 2019 | Updated 9:58 a.m. ET Sept. 23, 2019

Warren is not as all or nothing as her health care rhetoric suggests. But her support for phasing out private insurance is scaring people off.

Elizabeth Warren is increasingly less of a long shot to win the Democratic presidential nomination, as a new Iowa poll shows. She now has a window to either expand her appeal to millions of voters who are uncertain about her candidacy, or make sure they write her off.

It all comes down to health care.

The Massachusetts senator portrays herself as the candidate of dreaming big and fighting hard. That is working well when it comes to her signature promise of fixing what she calls a rigged economic system that favors rich people and corporations at the expense of much of the rest of America.

Financial struggles and insecurity are problems that know no party, after all. And polls show 6 in 10 believe that wealthy people aren’t paying their fair share. The same large majority favors raising their income taxes or (as Warren has proposed) imposing a wealth tax. An even larger 69% say corporations aren’t paying enough.


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