Florida Man Appears Happy To Get His 5th Felony DUI


PORT RICHEY, FL —A New Port Richey man flashed a 100-watt smile while having his mugshot taken Friday following his fifth driving under the influence arrest.

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Gordon Ormond, 56, of Kiowa Drive after he violated multiple traffic laws while driving on Embassy Boulevard in Port Richey, according to the officers.

Deputies said Ormond ran a red light at the intersection of Glen Moor Lane while driving at a speed of 15 mph. Deputies used their lights and sirens to signal Ormond to pull over, but he continued driving erratically, striking a basketball hoop in a driveway.

Ormond then sped up to about 35 mph in an attempt to elude deputies, they said. Finally, deputies laid down stop sticks in the road ahead of Ormond. Ormond stopped his car when three out of four of his tires were deflated by the stop sticks.


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