Trump To U.N. General Assembly: ‘The Future Does Not Belong To Globalists’

At the U.N. General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, President Trump told world leaders to reject “globalism” and to look out for the interests of their own countries first.

“The future does not belong to globalists; it belongs to patriots,” Trump said.

Tuesday marked Trump’s third address to the General Assembly as president. As he has done in the past, Trump used his remarks to the international organization to make the case for his “America first” style of diplomacy that puts nationalism ahead of multilateral efforts.

Since entering the White House, Trump has pulled the U.S. out of several international agreements, including the Paris climate accords and the Iran nuclear deal.

He’s also called out allies in NATO over military spending, a point he made again at the United Nations.

“We are also revitalizing our alliances by making it very clear that all of our partners are expected to pay their fair share of the tremendous defense burden, which the United States has borne in the past,” Trump said.

Trump’s remarks also included sharp warnings for China and Iran.

He lamented China’s membership in the World Trade Organization, accusing Beijing of gaming the system.

“As far as America is concerned, those days are over,” Trump said.

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