New smears, new bizarre tales: Trump made 79 false claims last week

Updated 1:23 PM ET, Wed September 25, 2019

Washington (CNN) He smeared Joe Biden. He smeared Ilhan Omar. He smeared San Francisco. He denied the existence of an obvious delay in military aid to Ukraine. He denied that the name of the Democratic Party is the Democratic Party. He confused champion mountain climbers by claiming that champion mountain climbers had tried and failed to climb his border wall.

President Donald Trump made 79 false claims last week, mixing some fresh false accusations and pointlessly false anecdotes into his usual stew of repeat favorites.
Seventy-nine false claims is down from 90 the week prior to last, Trump’s highest total since we started counting at CNN on July 8, but it was still his fourth-most-dishonest of these 11 weeks. His weekly average since July 8 is now 59 false claims.
Trump made 29 of last week’s 79 false claims at his campaign rally in New Mexico. He made 13 more in his White House meeting and press conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, seven on Twitter. The rest came in a smattering of events, interviews and exchanges with reporters.
Twenty-seven of the false claims were about the economy, 15 about Democrats.

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