Trump Supporters Clean 50 Tons of Trash from Dem-Controlled, Rat-Infested LA Streets

Conservatives take action to clean up filthy streets of liberal California city

Supporters of President Donald Trump have taken to the streets of Democrat-controlled Los Angeles and removed a stunning 50 tons of trash from the liberal California city. The movement was originally inspired by a tweet from President Donald Trump that exposed “rat and rodent-infested” Baltimore and it’s Democratic leadership. When the president highlighted the issue, it triggered a group of pro-Trump activists took to take to the trash-strewn streets of Los Angeles and continue what they’d begun on the East Coast: Helping to clean up Democrat-controlled cities. After taking to the filthy LA streets, the group cleaned up an incredible fifty tons of garbage by the end of the effort. The latest clean-up effort led by pro-Trump activist Scott Presler, who organized the first such project in Baltimore last month, is documented in a new video from Austen Fletcher, aka “Fleccas”.

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