It’s the “Very fine people” hoax all over again

You all know the “Very fine people” hoax the media created after Charlottesville.  In a press conference at Trump Tower shortly after the riot, President Trump condemned the Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and Antifa radicals for the violence.  But he also pointed out that among those protesting the removal of the Confederate statues were very fine people who just didn’t want these statues taken down.

The news media wasted no time refashioning what Trump said in order to claim that “Trump called Nazis and white supremacists very fine people.”

No. He didn’t.  And anyone who actually heard what the President said knew he didn’t.

But the media depends on the stupidity of its audience.

So certain were they that their audience wouldn’t bother actually watching video of the press conference, the media told the “Very fine people” lie knowing it would be taken as the gospel truth.

Then they kept repeating it as if it was undisputed fact.

In no time, politicians echoed it uncritically.

And the “Very fine People” hoax narrative was born.

Joe Biden even launched his 2020 campaign based on it.

So ingrained in the national narrative is this lie that when many exposed it as a lie, they were dismissed as cranks and “conspiracy theorists.”

This is how the so-called “free and independent press” operates in the Age of Trump. Repeat a lie often enough that it’s believed as truth to the point where the actual truth sounds like a lie.

Well, with the release of the now infamous phone transcript between President Trump and President Zelensky, the media is creating yet another hoax narrative.

So confident are they that their audience won’t bother reading the damn transcript for themselves, the media – and now Democrats in Congress – are claiming that President Trump said to Zelensky, “I would like you to do us a favor … investigate my 2020 rival Joe Biden.”

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