Professor holds baby during 3-hour class after student couldn’t find a sitter


Paulina Cachero

Yahoo Lifestyle

7 hours ago, September 25, 2019

Being a mom is hard work — as is being a college student. And being both at once can be incredibly challenging. But professors like Ramata Sissoko Cisse make it a whole lot easier.

Cissé, 51, valiantly stepped in recently, carrying an infant on her back during a three-hour biology class after the baby’s mom, Cissé’s student, couldn’t find a sitter. Now a photo of the good deed has gone viral.

Cissé, an assistant professor of biology for anatomy and physiology at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Ga., is a mother as well. And the night before one of her 8am classes, a student reached out with a question.

”She asked if she could bring the baby with her to class because she had missed a class already and did not want to be behind,” Cissé tells Yahoo Lifestyle, adding that the student had an upcoming exam. “I know the student is very smart and ambitious. She really wanted to learn.”

Cissé told her to bring the baby to class so they could “figure it out” together.


“In my native Mali, we used sheets and other pieces of fabric to securely carry babies on our backs,” Cissé says. “My natural instinct was to find a way to secure the baby and I was standing next to a rack with a clean lab coat.”

With the help of her student, Cissé secured the infant to her back, where the baby slept for most of the class.

“Towards the end, he woke up and I took him off my back, sat in the first row and fed him with a bottle. He did not cry once,” she adds.

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