Border Patrol at Chico State job fair starts controversy


Controversy erupted on the Chico State campus on Thursday after it was brought to light that Border Patrol agents attended the university job fair on Wednesday.

The Border Patrol didn’t break any laws by attending the job fair, but students say they had no right to be there. They worried about the undocumented people attending the university.

The Border Patrol agents spoke with students, explaining what it is they do. The school didn’t advertise that the agents would be there, but they did post information about who would be at the fair on their website.

School staff made it clear that the agents were not allowed to do any searches or make any arrests while on campus. That wasn’t enough to keep some students from calling the Border Patrol a terrorist organization funded by the government.

Megan Odom, director of the Career Center at Chico State, and Teresita Curiel, director of the university’s Dream Center, shared their thoughts on the situation.

“Customs and Border Patrol registered back in August to attend. As a university, we cannot deny their attendance at our job fairs,” said Odom.

“I’m imagining that those students who didn’t have any awareness prior had a heightened level of anxiety,” said Curiel.

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