Trump to Jewish leaders: ‘Not interested’ in conflict with Iran

US president, Donald Trump, said on Friday that he is not interested in a conflict with Iran, and that he hopes the Iranians will respond to the American restraint with a similar approach.
“I don’t want military conflict but we’ve offered to discuss things,” the president said in the annual conference call for the high holidays with Jewish leaders from across the US. “I’ve shown great restraint and hope that Iran likewise chooses peace,” Trump added, Jewish Insider first reported.
The president opened the conversation by greeting everyone with “Shana Tova,” and said that his administration is committed to combat antisemitism.
“In the last two and a half years we’ve strengthened the everlasting friendship between the US and Israel,” he added.
“I moved the embassy to Jerusalem recognized the Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights which was something they were trying to do for 52 years.” During his remarks, the president avoided from discussing the current political situation in Israel.

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