A woman was filmed screaming the n-word 14 times at CVS. Police are investigating it as a ‘hate incident.’


As the white woman screamed in the drugstore entrance about wanting to lynch her fellow shoppers, it didn’t take long for the cellphone cameras to come out.

“I hate [n-word]s!” the woman yelled over the chatter of a CVS cashier in Los Angeles this week, sunglasses shielding her eyes, before repeatedly using the n-word to exclaim that she “would kill” and “lynch” black people.

Her profanity-laden tirade, which has been viewed nearly 2 million times on Facebook as of early Friday, has sparked a police investigation and gained her the Internet moniker #KuKluxKaren — all after she was captured screaming the n-word no less than 14 times.

It’s the latest in a string of viral incidents featuring white people who have spewed that racial slur at African Americans as they go about their lives in nearly every public setting imaginable: eating dinner at a restaurant in North Carolina; shopping for groceries at a supermarket in Connecticut; riding a school bus in Minnesota; and pulling into a parking lot in Massachusetts, to name a few recent examples.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to The Washington Post that it is investigating the episode, which reportedly occurred Tuesday at a CVS on the city’s Colorado Boulevard, as a “hate incident.” Police have not identified the woman in the video, although KTLA spoke to a neighbor who named her as a woman with a history of restraining orders.

It’s unclear what started the outburst on a sunny afternoon in Eagle Rock, a residential enclave in northeast Los Angeles. Everyone seemed to be minding their own business inside the store, a witness, Renée Saldaña, told BuzzFeed News. From somewhere amid the aisles, it sounded like a mother might have been scolding her child.


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