Archaeologists Uncover 21-Inch Penis Stone Used For Sacrificial Ceremonies

Archaeologists in Sweden have uncovered a 21-inch penis stone, believed to have been used in sacrificial fertility rituals.

The c**k rock was discovered during an excavation in Rollsbo near Gothenburg, and was initially thought to be a Bronze Age grave. However, further excavations revealed that there were lots of animal bones within close vicinity of the phallic stone, but no human bones.

Archaeologist Gisela Ängeby told local paper the Göteborgs-Posten that there was no doubting that the rock was c**k-like.

She said: “It has a distinct phallus shape. I thought when I came across it that ‘oh my god it can’t be true’.

“I showed the picture to colleagues and there is no discussion, it has a very penis-like shape.

“I believe that in connection with the erection, it was used to offer sacrifices, for example within the framework of a fertility cult.”

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