Volker plans to appear before congressional committees next week

The source would not say if the White House is seeking to use executive privilege to constrict Volker in terms of what he can say or provide.

The deadline for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to produce documents from the State Department on this matter after being subpoenaed by three congressional committees is after Volker is set to appear. The sequence here appears strange because usually investigators want to have documents in hand before interviews.

Some White House officials see Volker’s departure as being motivated by him believing he needed to protect the McCain Institute, where he also maintained a role during his time as special representative to Ukraine, explained one source familiar with discussions at the White House.
Generally, there is not much love lost for Volker by White House officials, whom another source says “was never fully on the Trump train.”

Article URL : https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/28/politics/kurt-volker-house-foreign-affairs-committee/index.html

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