Bring On the Biggest Nothingburger of Them All

The same Democratic candidates had shrieked for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh ten days before in the brief window between the New York Times publishing its story alleging Kavanaugh committed sexual assault 30 years before and the revelation that the alleged victim herself did not believe such an incident happened. The Times then admitted that the story was unfounded. It is scurrilous group-hypocrisy. Most of the Democratic presidential candidates, including Senators Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (D.-Vt.), accused Trump of conducting a “shakedown” on Zelensky to interfere in the 2020 U.S. election, while simultaneously going into transports of thinly veiled glee at the likely elimination of Biden’s presidential candidacy.

This will open the way for the Democrats to make the final Gadarene charge to “progressive” electoral destruction without the irritating presence of a serious contender espousing relative moderation. Trump, they shouted, should be removed from office for the constitutional “high crime” of asking a completely legitimate question of a foreign leader, who assured the media in New York last week that there was no “push” (pressure) from Trump. This is the Democratic win-double: saddle Trump with six months of relentless propaganda as a crook in the moronically partisan national media, and get rid of Biden, the party’s last faltering connection to reason.

The administration wisely took the lead in releasing the transcript and the whistle-blower report, full cooperation while opening fire on the irregularities that soon surfaced. This Ukraine allegation has all the earmarks of a Democratic hit-job, and the whistleblower’s chances of retaining anonymity for the hearsay-based complaint that was lodged, are, and deserve to be, zero. The idea that a U.S. president can be shaken in his legitimacy by anonymous unsubstantiated charges that, even if true, don’t add up to a real impropriety, is the destruction of constitutional democracy.

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