Michael Goodwin: The Left Now Supports CIA Agents Spying On The President

GOODWIN: This is the continuation of the John Brennan, James Comey efforts in 2016.

DOBBS: James Clapper.

GOODWIN: Yeah, Clapper, the whole group all of whom are under investigation by Barr and Durham. I find the timing of this somewhat suspicious. It’s clear this agent or officer and his lawyers, Democratic-connected lawyers, worked with the House Intelligence Committee.

DOBBS: Is that the natural default? If you are a CIA officer you go to the Democratic lawyers and the Democratic staff of the Intel Committee?

GOODWIN: Well, in the era of Trump apparently it is. Because we have seen this working together with the Democratic party, the previous administration to prevent him from becoming president, and now we see it as a move against the president. I don’t know how else to read this based on what we know so far.

Article URL : https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/09/30/michael_goodwin_the_left_now_supports_cia_agents_spying_on_the_president.html

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