A Politically Motivated Impeachment Is No Laughing Matter

The notion of impeaching a president — any president — on the basis of a political disagreement is unconscionable, or should be. Yet we have watched Democrats and the media scurry from one “impeachable” offense to another over the last three years, hoping that one might stick. It has all the appearance of being a punishment in search of a crime to justify it…

The court might take the cowardly way out and say only the legislature can make a decision on the limits of its own power, but as we have seen repeatedly in the last three years, the judiciary has felt no such compunction when asked to rein in the executive branch; nor should it hesitate to correct the legislative branch when it goes astray. Moreover, impeachment is a quasi-judicial proceeding, and the president should quickly file a motion to dismiss the charges against him if they were based on a political rather than criminal foundation.

No guarantees about the outcome of such an action, but since impeachment is so rare, one cannot consider any precedent to be set in stone, and for all we know, an activist judiciary might jump at the chance to correct the wrong of an unjust impeachment whose sole purpose appears to be to prevent a gadfly president from being re-elected.

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