Devin Nunes: Democrats Are Running a “Faux” Impeachment, Trying To Hide From The American People

There is a couple things that your audience needs to know about. And that is that this is not a real impeachment. This is like a faux impeachment. What they’re doing is, by keeping this in the House Intelligence Committee is not a place to run impeachment hearings.

What they’re trying to do is hiding this from the American people, they don’t want the normal process. As Mark [Meadows] just pointed out, it’s important for people to go back and look at what the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (Adam Schiff) did. He fabricated the president’s own words. This needs a closer examination: The Democrats tried to get dirt from the Ukrainians. The DNC, the Clinton campaign, the origins of the Russia investigation begin in Ukraine…

Just remember, the House Intelligence Committee, the reason they are doing this is because it is all behind closed doors. It is all secret. So we know from the Russia hoax, this is like the Russia hoax 2.0, you’re going to continue to see drip, drip, drip. There will be new stories, bombshells, anonymous sources. The good things is the Republican party, conservatives, we’re used to this. Now it’s just a matter of making sure that those in the middle in America what a hoax this really is.

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