Iran supports European plan to bolster nuclear deal

President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Iran supports a plan by European countries to bolster a nuclear deal that Tehran reached with the West in 2015 and from which the United States withdrew last year.

Speaking during a weekly cabinet meeting, Rouhani said: “We agree with the general framework by the Europeans.” France, Britain and Germany had urged Tehran to enter talks about a new arrangement on the nuclear deal.

Zarif said Iran has always wanted security in the Persian Gulf and if its rival Saudi Arabi changes its regional policy, it will find “open arms” from Iran.

“We have always said we are not after tensions with our neighbors,” he said.

During the meeting, Guard chief Gen. Hossein Salami reiterated Iranian officials’ traditional stance toward Israel, saying any military move by the Jewish state against Iran would lead to its destruction.

“The slightest error by the Zionist regime before Iran will be the last one and it will lead to disappearing the Zionist regime from the world,” said Salami.

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