The impeachment agenda of Democrats is a political coup

Political leverage or the inability to win elections are not listed. Over the past few weeks, some commentators have suggested that the phrasing “high crimes and misdemeanors” is an intentionally vague term that has no specific articulable definition. Not only is that false, but a lack of brightline jurisprudence does not render a term in the Constitution so malleable that the Democrats can fashion a political weapon of it….

This does not mean political differences that opposition party members might believe are bad for the country become impeachable offenses. We are not talking about good faith policy considerations or philosophical differences on the margins. Elections determine those who make public policy. Impeachment is designed for an offense so bad that it is essentially like defecting to another sovereign or taking action in the interests of another sovereign to the clear detriment of the United States.

The Constitution was never intended to serve as a political weapon by any means. On the contrary, the impeachment clause is designed only to provide the textual grant of power to remove government officials when necessary as a matter of law to protect the interests of the American people. The purpose is not to transfer power forcibly for political gain. One of the great hallmarks of our republic is the peaceful transition of power from one office holder to the next without conflict.

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