Trump Fundraising Haul Shows Impeachment Backfiring on Dems

The White House has now publicly released both the rogue CIA agent’s “whistleblower complaint” and the transcript of the call — the one that the “whistleblower” didn’t even hear, yet felt entitled to use as the basis for anonymously accusing the president of the United States of a crime. The allegations contained in the complaint are based entirely on hearsay. And according to the president’s personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, they appear to have been professionally prepared at an outside law firm. If true, that would all but confirm that the complainant’s motivation was political, not patriotic.

The complaint that Democrats are using to plunge the country into an impeachment morass is already coming apart at the seams. Parts of the account have already been proven false — just like CNN’s bogus claim that acting Director of National Intelligence Joe Maguire was threatening to resign. DNI Maguire flatly denied the report, and was on hand to testify to both the House and Senate intelligence committees last week to nip the “coverup” conspiracy theories in the bud.

The fact that the speaker of the House didn’t even wait for the transcript to be released before declaring her intent to impeach is a clear indication that the whole exercise is a sham.

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