Trump’s day of rage: Profanity, false accusations and a press spat

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s growing frustration with Democrats’ amped up impeachment efforts was on stark public display Wednesday as he spent the day openly raging against the media and his political rivals.

In the stretch of a few hours, Trump called Democratic impeachment efforts “BULLS**T,” got into a verbal altercation with a reporter during a press conference, and delivered unfounded claims about his political rivals. His anger was visible — his face flushed at times, his voice raised, his gestures increasingly animated.

“Nancy Pelosi and shifty Schiff, who should resign in disgrace, and Jerry Nadler and all of them, it’s a disgrace what’s going on,” the president said at a White House event, the visiting Finnish president by his side. “They’ve been trying to impeach me from the day I got elected. I’ve been going through this for three years.”

Trump’s advisers have looked to downplay the seriousness of the impeachment threat, with his lawyer Jay Sekulow describing it as a “skirmish” and counselor Kellyanne Conway saying the White House doesn’t need a war room, since the president is “the most battle-tested person I’ve ever met.”

Still, Trump’s sharp reactions Wednesday suggested the process might be having an impact.

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