Adam Schiff Needs an Intervention

Adam Schiff has lost it. The Democratic Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has surrendered any semblance of credibility. Be it through an unparalleled zeal to get the president, or a desperate attempt to remain relevant in a Democratic Party drowning in presidential hopefuls striving for some leftist utopia, Schiff has turned himself into a caricature. A poor man’s Joe McCarthy, convinced of some mythical threat, and willing to say, do, or fabricate any modicum of support for his delusions. This is where he needs some friends, loved ones, or a professional therapist to sit him down and calmly say, “Adam, you’re hurting those around you, and you need to stop.”

The power of the Congress to investigate and remove the president is the most awesome power the legislative body has, even more so than the power to declare war. The president has the authority to use military force absent congressional action, yet the Congress has the ability to overturn the American election and nullify the democratic process. That is not a power to be taken lightly, nor one that should be wielded by a man with less credibility than a fortune cookie.

It has been a rough year for poor Congressman Schiff. He confidently strutted around Washington, assuring anyone who would listen that he had evidence of President Trump’s collusion with Russia. Of course, he had none. A false assertion for which he has never been held to account, but his party, his committee, his country, are still holding the bag. In the process he became the poster boy for a witch hunt, the physical embodiment of a reckless crusade to oust a president. Still, did he take any pause? Any time for self-reflection? Perhaps to work on USMCA, prescription drug prices, or any of the myriad issues his salary pays for? Of course not. Instead he ran headfirst into another fantasy. And dragged the country along for the ride.


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