Being Donald Trump: Inside the World Where Conspiracies Are Reality

In interview after interview over the past few weeks Rudy Giuliani has provided plenty of fodder for those who believe him to be a few cans short of a 30-pack. He’s been described as “very insane,” “addled,”and “a free range chicken” (that last one was an attempt at a compliment). Allies have raised concerns about his drinking before going on TV and said that they wish he’d “shut the heck up” because they don’t think he understands what he is doing.

But what I want to posit for a moment is: What if everyone is wrong? What if you and I are the crazy ones and it’s Rudy and Hannity who are seeing 20/20? What if they are having what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity?

After all, you and I were wrong about the 2016 election. (Or at least wrong about the Electoral College vote.) It was soothsayers like the Dilbert guy, and the guy with the dentures who stole money from his followers to move to Miami, and the guy with Nixon tattooed on his back who were right about 2016. Maybe they’re right again?

Maybe I’ve let hipster espresso drinks and blue-checkmark elitism cloud my brain from realizing that akshually, the truth is out there.

I wanted to explore this possibility so I dove deep into the MAGA web, suffered through several slurry interviews with Rudy, and even watched a couple Hannity segments in order to put together what I believe to be the definitive version of events according to Trump and his most obsequious allies.

But before you read further, I implore you to reject your implicit biases, have a glass of peaty scotch, and open your mind. Because if you are a stubborn, TDS-afflicted partisan this is not the story for you. For the rest of you, prepare to be redpilled by a story so shocking it may scar your soul until the end of days.

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