Elizabeth Warren Vows Open Border: Illegals Must Not Be ‘Unnecessarily’ Detained


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is vowing to implement a full open borders policy at the United States-Mexico border where border crossers and illegal aliens would rarely be detained.

Warren’s statement came in response to a report that a Cameroon national detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency had died while in custody. Unmentioned, though, is that migrant deaths under the Trump administration are 20 percent lower than the rate of migrant deaths under former President Obama.

The promise is just the latest remark where Warren has promoted the donor-class platform of hemispheric open borders between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, as well as Central and South America. The same position has been accepted by the billionaire Koch brothers donor network, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and the big business lobby.

High levels of immigration, illegal and legal, put downward pressure on U.S. wages while redistributing about $500 billion in wealth away from America’s working and middle class and towards employers and new arrivals, research by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has found.

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