Schweizer: Only “Bizarre Inside-The-Beltway Mentality” Thinks Nothing Is Fishy About Biden/Ukraine; “Follow The Money”

In the case of Hunter Biden, he literally started his investment firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, months after his father became vice president. Up until that point, his job was serving as a lobbyist for the online gambling industry. We got access to these bank accounts because Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devin Archer, went on trial in New York on fraud charges. We obtained the financial records from prosecutors.

But there is a lot of money flowing in there and flowing out that we don’t know where it’s going to do and we don’t know where it’s coming from. And that is a major problem because foreign countries desperately want to influence our decision leaders, and one of the ways they try to do it is by essentially striking lucrative deals with their children to get the parents to give them favorable treatment.

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