Trump says House Democrats ‘unfortunately’ have the votes to impeach


President Trump on Friday said he believes House Democrats have the votes to impeach him, but expressed confidence that he would be exonerated in the Senate and Republicans would benefit at the polls.

Trump told reporters that he expected House Democrats to fall in line in support of his impeachment. The House is in the middle of an impeachment inquiry centered on allegations that Trump abused his office for personal gain by urging foreign leaders to investigate a political rival.

“They’re all in line. Because even though many of them don’t want to vote, they have no choice. They have to follow their leadership,” Trump said outside the White House. “And then we’ll get it to the Senate, and we’re going to win.”

“So the Democrats, unfortunately, they have the votes,” he added. “They can vote very easily, even though most of them, many of them, don’t believe they should do it. And I do believe … that they’re going to pay a tremendous price at the polls.”

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