2020 Vision: More Americans are lining up behind impeachment — and the next step, conviction

Dylan Stableford and Christopher Wilson

Yahoo News 2020 Vision

9 hours ago, Friday October 4, 2019

A half-dozen new national polls that show support for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump took a big jump in the past week — even before some of the most significant evidence gathered by House investigators was released to the public.

Even more worrying for the White House, more and more Americans are looking past impeachment (in the House) to the trial in the Senate, and coming down on the side of Trump’s conviction and removal from office.

• A CNN poll found that 47 percent believe Trump “should be impeached and removed from office,” up from 41 percent in May. The survey found that 45 percent disagree, down from 54 percent in the May poll.

• A USA Today/Ipsos poll found 44 percent support Trump’s conviction in the Senate and removal from office, compared with 35 percent who do not.

To put it another way, with impeachment proceedings just getting underway, only 21 percent were undecided, and barely more than a third of respondents came down on the side of keeping Trump in office.

To put it another way, for him to command even a 51-49 majority at the end of the process, the undecideds would have to break more than 3-1 (i.e., 16-5) in his favor.

To put it another way … well, draw your own conclusions. Some Republican senators already have.

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