Reports: Wealthy Democrats Quietly Saying They’ll Back Trump If Warren Is The Nominee

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Elizabeth Warren may be hauling in cash, not as much as the Republicans, but she may bring new headaches to the Democratic Party should she win the nomination. For starters, she’s avoided like the plague the question about her health care plan and whether it will increase taxes on the middle class. Of course, they will. There’s no way this Democratic action item works without everyone’s taxes going up in exchange for sub-par quality health care. She finally admitted that her Native American heritage claim was straight trash, though she owed it to family stories as the explanation for the mix-up. As Charlemagne tha God of New York’s Breakfast Club noted, Warren is the original Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who faked being black four years ago. Yet, Warren could also face lackluster support from traditionally deep-pocketed donors from within the Democratic Party. 

CNBC reported recently that were rumbles that Wall Street Democrats might either withhold donation or even support Trump should Warren win the nomination. In an election year that’s going to be expensive and exceptionally brutal, you need every penny you can put in the war chest. Trump and the GOP are going to have a billion-dollar war chest easy. The Republican National Committee raised $125 million in the third quarter; the Republicans have the small donor army now. So, Warren can either risk losing access to a lot of cash or hold a pow wow with this crew and downplay their concerns that she’s pretty much Lenin in a dress (via CNBC):

Hey, folks, we’re a big tent party—all are welcome. It just shows how the business community knows that Warren and the Democrats could wreck the economy, which has been going strong since 2016. Consumer and small business confidence have reached records highs. Paychecks are bigger. Jobs are being created, over three million thus far. Unemployment hit 3.5 percent under the Trump administration, a 50-year low.

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