Liawatha rewrites her history … again

Is it at all possible for Liawatha Warren to recount a story of her past without making it up out of whole cloth?

“My parents had to elope because my mother was Native American and the family objected.”


“I’m a Native American woman of color.”


This is the problem that folks on the Left have. They are so desperate to play the role of Victim — any victim — that they will rewrite their own history to get there.

The latest History Rewrite from Liawatha Warren is that she was fired from her teaching job because she was “visibly pregnant.”

She started up this Tall Tale last month and is now making full use of it in campaign speeches.

“How dare that patriarchal misogynist principal terminate that brave little toaster just for being pregnant?!  This is what women are up against!  Liz will fight back against this so we don’t become just like The Handmaid’s Tale!!!!”

Or, in Liz’s case, The Handmaid’s Tall Tale.

Because it isn’t true.

In a 2007 interview Liawatha Warren – then a Native American woman of color – explained that her teaching certificate was contingent on her returning to school and taking graduate classes in education.

She didn’t take all the classes necessary to maintain the job. And since she was pregnant at the time and wasn’t even sure teaching special needs kids was the career she wanted to pursue, she decided not to follow through with getting her certificate. Instead, she had her baby and took a couple years to noodle out what it was she wanted to do with her life.

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