Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Dems’ impeachment gambit is a revenge scheme orchestrated by a fallen political party

Another day, another scandal that’s sure to trigger the Trump administration’s downfall—if only the American people would be less picky about what the definition of the word “evidence” is…

This year, Democrats failed to impeach, tried and failed to extract one last death rattle from the remains of the Mueller Report, and are now shopping the preposterous notion that this (!) iteration of the malfeasance narrative is based on the lowest-hanging fruit of all. They’ve placed their hopes in the pages of a neatly-packaged whistleblower complaint that reads more like an advocate’s legal brief than an objective statement of “urgent concern.”

Fortunately, the American People have grown wearily accustomed to looking past the fakery and seeing these world-ending controversies for what they truly are: breathless revenge schemes orchestrated by a fallen political party.

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