New poll further casts doubt on impeachment effort

Some Democrats fear their Trump impeachment will be as politically costly as Republicans’ of Clinton. They are right to worry, because early polling does not look promising. If Democrats’ high-risk strategy backfires, instead of weakening and removing Trump, they could catapult him back into the White House stronger than ever…

If impeachment promised great success, it needs to show an immediate impact, peeling nonpartisans and independents away from him — and potentially even part of his base. This poll does not show that. While 49 percent job approval obviously is less than a majority, it is materially higher than the 46 percent of the popular vote that won him the White House in 2016. That means: Trump is increasing his base.

Looking into the poll’s figures reveals an even more disturbing note for Democrats. The poll showed Trump’s strong approval at 26 percent and his strong disapproval at 36 percent. On the surface, Democrats could seemingly take heart from that 10 percentage point deficit. However, consider: To reach his 49/51 percent overall job approval level, that means he went 23/15 percent among the non-strongly motivated.


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