Christian Filmmakers Case: Has Minnesota’s Atty. Gen. Declared War on Religious Freedom and Free Speech?

Back in August, Christian wedding filmmakers Carl and Angel Larsen probably thought their three-year legal battle was over when the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the state of Minnesota could not force the Larsens to create wedding videos that violate their religious beliefs.

The 8th Circuit Court said, “the First Amendment allows the Larsens to choose when to speak and what to say.” The court reversed Minnesota’s chief federal judge’s dismissal of their claims on the grounds of free speech and free exercise, according to the Star Tribune

However, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero said last week they will take the Larsens back to federal district court rather than appeal the appellate panel’s decision. The pair believe the makeup of the 8th Circuit Court and the US Supreme Court would prevent them from winning the case.

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