Cowardly Republicans learn the hard way: Donald Trump was never their friend

“Might makes right” stops being fun when you’re the one under the bully’s thumb, as Republicans are learning

But waste no tears for Republican politicians. These people have spent their careers trying to create a society where the powerful can exploit and abuse everyone else at will. They’ve worked tirelessly for a society where employers can underpay and overwork their labor, while workers can’t organize for better treatment. For a country where people of color live in terror of being randomly harassed or even killed by police with no recompense. Where young women who are raped on campus are stymied in their efforts to get justice — and are denied access to reproductive health care to prevent being forced to bear a rapist’s child.

In other words, Republicans have long backed the idea that might makes right. Their boy Donald Trump, who is fond of asserting that being president means he can do whatever he wants, is simply living that creed to its fullest. Now Republicans, at long last, are enjoying a little taste of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of their own philosophy.

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