Impeachment push another attempt to undo election

Now that Trump occupies the Oval Office they’ve thrown all that out the window and are leading the impeachment charade stemming from a partisan CIA operative who filed a whistleblower complaint over the president’s July phone call with the president of Ukraine. And now we’ve learned the whistleblower filed the complaint after colluding with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s office.

No foul play there, huh?

Schiff is a well-known Trump foe and architect of the debunked Russian collusion hoax. His lying this week about his secretive contacts with the partisan whistleblower earned 4 Pinocchios  from the lefty Washington Post.

But who’s surprised given the number of political operatives we’ve seen in the Department of Justice and U.S. intelligence agencies who’ve targeted the president from the get-go: trying at first to stop him from getting elected, and when that failed, deploying every dirty trick in the book to derail the current administration and remove him from office.

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