Liz Peek: Panicky Democrats beg Michelle Obama to run — But would she win?


Earlier this year, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore begged Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020; apparently, he is not alone.

Washington insiders report that Democratic Party officials are also urging the former first lady to enter the race. They see Joe Biden’s campaign in free-fall, with polling and donations dropping, and they are panicked that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren grows more inevitable by the day. Warren, they think, is way too liberal to win a national election. (They are correct.)

Hence, the overtures to Mrs. Obama, the most admired woman in the country, according to Gallup polls. And not only in the U.S.; according to a YouGov survey, Michelle is the most admired woman in the world. Admittedly, for that honor, she displaced actress Angelina Jolie, whom most would not consider presidential material, but even so…


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