New Poll Shows 20-Point Increase in Support for Impeachment Inquiry—Among Republicans

A new poll out Tuesday from the Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University shows dramatic shifts in support of the impeachment process with 58 percent of the country now saying they support the impeachment inquiry and nearly half—49 percent—saying they support removing Trump from office.

The level of support for the impeachment process predictably differs along party lines, but none of the recent indicators are good for the president. “Since a July poll by The Post and ABC, there has been movement toward an impeachment inquiry among all three groups, with support for the inquiry rising by 25 points among Democrats, 21 points among Republicans and 20 points among independents,” the Post notes. Trump’s Ukraine phone call—which occurred in July but wasn’t reported on until September—has clearly altered Americans’ perspective on possible impeachment. It’s unclear how much Trump’s unhinged, all-caps response to growing impeachment pressure has changed opinions in the moderate corner of his own party, as well as among independents.

If those GOP numbers hold or continue to slide, Trump could be in serious trouble. The Republican Party has acquiesced almost across the board under Trump’s leadership, such that there’s been a substantial political cost to disagreeing with the White House or not being seen as not sufficiently supportive of Trump. If support for impeachment erodes that cost, you could see more Republicans in Congress defying the president and coming out in support of the impeachment process. Of course, if the last three years is any indication, you could also very much not see that happen.

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