There’s A Reason Democrats Are Screaming About Conspiracies

Liberals always have a “racist” or “sexist” round chambered, ready to be fired whenever anyone says something in opposition to their will. Oppose a government takeover of the health care industry? Racist. Don’t believe Brett Kavanaugh ran a rape gang as a high school kid? Sexist. You name it, Democrats have a readymade retort set to go. Now, with their latest delusion – the idea that President Trump was using U.S. aid to Ukraine to force them to “manufacture dirt” against Joe Biden – they have added a new comeback: conspiracy theory.

It’s a term used to dismiss anything inconvenient to the left, and paint anyone questioning their orthodoxy as a loon.

Believe, after years of anonymous sources leaking cherry-picked snippets of information to select Democrats in the media, that there is a group of people in the government actively working to undermine the Trump administration? You might as well believe the moon landing was filmed on a Hollywood soundstage.

People lash out when they have nothing left with which to make their case. For Democrats, that’s become so soon in a debate that an attack is often the first thing out of their mouths. For the entirety of the Obama administration, opposition to his policies and executive orders were denounced as racist so routinely the charge lost all meaning. Not believing the president of the United States could rewrite immigration law with the stroke of his pen (a position Obama held for years, right up until the point he did it) was not greeted with a rationale for the move but cries of bigotry.

The reason you can’t have a political debate with a Democrat is they have no basis for their actions and policies beyond they want them. The same goes for this “impeachment inquiry.”

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