Did Democrat Whistleblower Make Sweet Love To Elizabeth Warren Or Bernie Sanders And Put It All In A Letter To Himself? (No)

We have learned a new thing about the whistleblower, and it is that it was a DEMOCRAT WHISTLEBLOWER BIAS DEEP STATE WITCH HUNT! Haha, just kidding, we are not the National Review, and we don’t have any of the perfectly legal drugs Byron York may or may not sniff when he writes his very fine internet articles.

Three news organizations broke the story on Tuesday that not only did the main whistleblower go through the proper channels several times to try to alert the proper authorities to the 2020 election crime in progress in the White House, that person also memorialized what they learned about Trump’s treason call with Ukraine the very day after the call happened, when a freaked out White House official who heard the entire call came to them and said “oh SHIT.”

Yes, like a common James Comey, and also like any other career official who witnesses or learns about wrongdoing, the whistleblower memorialized it in a two-page, single-spaced memo that wasn’t even scratch ‘n’ sniff, thus ensuring that Donald Trump couldn’t read it. (ALLEGEDLY.)

ABC News reports:
“The official, who listened to the entirety of the phone call, was visibly shaken by what had transpired and seemed keen to inform a trusted colleague within the U.S. national security apparatus about the call,” the whistleblower writes in the memo.

The memo states the official “described the call as “crazy,” “frightening,” and completely lacking in substance related to national security.”

After the call, the whistleblower says “I … returned to my office, and wrote up my best recollection of what I had heard.” The person notes that they did not review the call transcript or written notes, “but the official informed me they exist.”

Crazy. Frightening. Completely lacking in substance related to national security. Yep, that sounds like Trump! It also sounds like the partial transcript of the call Trump released in order to show America what a perfect and beautiful treason call it really was.


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