Did Diamond And Silk Write This Impeachment Letter To Congress?

On Tuesday, the White House sent Congress a letter a first-year law student wouldn’t send as a joke, and which was almost as good as the thing Diamond and Silk sent Wonkette warning us against making “besmirch statements” about either Diamond, Silk, or the intellectual nuclear reaction that happens when those two are found in the same room together.

Signed by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, it is deranged, devoid of actual legal arguments, and angrily whines that Congress is NOT Donald Trump’s real dad, Congress can NOT do impeachments to Donald Trump, and if you don’t like it, you can take it up with the judge! Never mind that you and the judge will have a hearty laugh if you read this thing together, please don’t talk about that, Pat Cipollone is busy BLUSTERING.

He is upset that Nancy Pelosi didn’t do a full vote in the House to start the impeachment, like the Constitution does not say she has to do. (Wouldn’t change a damn thing when it comes to Trump’s cooperation.)

He is upset that the committee chairmen in the House are BIASSSSSSSS.

And again, he doesn’t seem to understand, maybe because he wasn’t paying attention during Con Law, that all the whining he’s doing about due process applies to the SENATE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL portion of the proceedings, not the House portion.

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