Trey Gowdy Joins President Trump’s Legal Team to Combat Ukraine Hoax

Trey Gowdy Joins President Trump’s Legal Team to Combat Ukraine Hoax

The Tea Party firebrand could be President Trump’s secret weapon.

Former South Carolina congressman and Tea Party firebrand Trey Gowdy is joining President Donald Trump’s legal team in the light of the Democrats’ Ukraine hoax impeachment push, sources indicated Tuesday.

Gowdy was known as a House Republican with an ability to put the feet of corrupt Obama administration officials to the fire during his time in Congress. The former Chair of the House Benghazi Committee held many viral hearings with Obama officials, aggressively challenging the administration’s policies and holding bureaucrats accountable for their violations of federal law and corrupt practices.

Some liberal bureaucrats Gowdy was known for questioning in heated hearings included Lois Lerner, the mastermind behind the IRS conservative bias scandal, James Comey, and swamp queen Hillary Clinton.

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Gowdy retired in 2018 after eight years in Congress. Now, he’ll provide outside counsel to the Trump White House in addition to advocating against a rigged impeachment witch hunt as a representative of the President in the media, should the hoax-obsessed mainstream media feel compelled to provide a token opposition against a deep state-fueled plot to remove the President and undo the 2016 election.

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