The Media is Circling the Wagons around Liawatha

Ironic to use the phrase “circling the wagons” given Liz Warren’s decades long lie about being Native American.  But there you go.

In an effort to avoid dealing with the glaring, documented contradictions to Liz Warren’s latest tall tale, the media and Democrat politicians are most definitely circling the wagons around her.

It’s like 2008 all over again.

Much like when they tried to convince voters that Barack Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years and never heard a single psychotic, racist or anti-American thing he said, the media is trying to convince us that because other women in the 1970s were fired for being pregnant, Liz must be telling the truth.

It’s the one of the stupidest, most ham-handed things I’ve ever witnessed from the so-called “free and independent press.”  And that’s saying something.

First, they’re dismissing documented evidence for no other reason than the report appeared in the Federalist.  And since the Federalist is a “conservative outlet,” any primary-source documents that dispute Liawatha’s latest tall tale must be suspect.

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