Who In The House Is Calling For Impeachment?

Momentum behind an inquiry grew as a flood of House Democrats once wary of the issue publicly said the allegations from a whistleblower that Trump pressed the leader of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump’s political opponent had become a turning point.

In June, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan became the only Republican to back launching an inquiry. On July 4, he declared his independence from the Republican Party, although he did not declare an affiliation with another party.

Pelosi was at the crossroads of weighing the political backlash for those vulnerable Democrats who could lose their seats in 2020 if the public remains opposed with pressure from progressives who insist Congress would be derelict if it doesn’t act within its constitutional power.

She chose to back the inquiry.

Article URL : https://www.npr.org/2019/06/19/733536620/who-in-the-house-is-calling-for-impeachment

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