You can’t disregard gods because there can’t be evidence for them

Many, many times, I have been told, evidence for the supernatural cannot be produced so it isn’t fair to analyze the gods in the same way we analyze things within nature.

There are quite a few problems with this claim.

First, it is a fallacy called Special Pleading. Theists are giving characteristics to their gods that support their argument but they do not accept the same argument for other things in life. If accepted, it makes their argument impossible to contradict. But, fallacies are fallacies and this is a huuuge one!

If we are to accept this premise, you must be prepared to accept it for other things as well.

The best way to prove how nonsensical this argument is through the court system.

Let’s assume, you, the theist, were charged for a crime you didn’t commit. A trial is held. The prosecutor presents the case without a shred of evidence. He frequently says things like ‘just look around you and you’ll see the evidence’ or ‘you can’t expect evidence for every crime but I am convinced he is guilty’.

According to your argument, you would have no issue being found guilty of your crime because there is the APPEARANCE of guilt. No evidence, just appearance, Like a mirage.

Would you accept living life like this?
If yes, I think you are not being truthful

If no, then how can you expect others to live that way? Inserting gods does NOT change the logic.

The problem with this argument, the hypocrisy of it, is easily demonstrated. If I claimed an invisible pink unicorn lived in my backyard offering life instructions, almost everyone would say, “I find that hard to believe. Please provide evidence.” Would you accept these comments as evidence?

He only shows himself to the true believers.

There is plenty of evidence if you seek it.

If you had faith, you’d have the evidence etc.

Again, I highly doubt you’d accept these explanations for my invisible pink unicorn.

Why then, would you expect others to accept these weak arguments for an equally implausible claim?

Further, the claim itself, is false. If your god interacts with humans, in any way, he can be measured. Does your god perform miracles? If yes, he MUST perform these miracles within nature and therefore, can be measured.

Does your god answer prayers? If he does, that must be done within nature, and therefore it can be measured.

So, even though he is a supernatural entity, his actions must still be performed within nature. If they are not, we cannot perceive of them. Again, therefore, he can be measured

The bottom line is this: I’m sorry you cannot provide evidence for your god claims. But, that’s a YOU problem. Not an OUR problem.

The default position for belief is, withhold belief until the evidence supports the claim. It is NOT believe things without sufficient evidence.

What are your thoughts?

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