Sin reigned from Adam til Moses, though no Law was made known. People died, were separated from God by that transgression. It needed to be labeled therefore labeling the person…so it could be properly dealt with. But the promise was always the same. Abraham was given the promise of righteousness by faith. Paul describes the “betrayal” of the Law. It was necessary to label sin, but in doing so, we all were deemed guilty.

The promises of God, blessings of Abraham are by grace…by faith. It was made to Abraham and his Seed. Abraham and his lineage failed, but that Seed, Christ fulfilled the Law. The old covenant HAS the Mosaic Law added. Israel is God’s wife. That’s what a covenant is…marriage oath. And…there’d be a time, when a new covenant would be made. It’s a covenant made, not between God and mankind, but between the Father and the Son…God and God. It will never be broken. The book of Hebrews shows this. Jesus ascended and cleansed the heavenly utensils and presented Himself, His blood as that sacrifice to God.

Galatians 3 says the dispensation of the Law, lasted until that Seed was made manifest. When Christ said “It is finished”, that was the end of the old testament..death of the testator. The dispensation of grace alone, without that mosaic law, that new covenant in His blood which all since…believe int righteousness just as father Abraham did. We all now have law…but it’s to love God with all you have and love your neighbor. Getting out of this law, puts us out of fellowship…susceptible to the curse within the world…but it will never separate us from God. It’s not between us.

The revelation of this new proposal, this marriage oath…new covenant…in all it’s detail was meant for the Jews. The twelve new disciples would present the Kingdom internally and externally…had the Jews accepted it. Acts chapter 7, with the death of Stephen was Israel rejecting that new covenant. The robes of those…were placed at the feet of Saul. He would reveal this new covenant to the world. The dispensation of grace alone is clear. It has no law added. Abraham accepted the covenant by believing alone. He was saved, healed spiritually…. all other blessings, healing physically etc listed in Duet 28 were now for the believer. Christ fulfilled the mosaic law.

What an amazing promise. What an amazing new covenant.

All believers in Christ are in that new covenant, married to Christ. It takes baptism by the Holy Spirit, rebirth. John 20 has the disciples born again…Jesus breathed on them, just as in creation of Adam. The promise of baptism IN the Holy Spirit…for gifts and empowerment came at Pentecost Acts 2. The receiving of the Holy Spirit by others could be sent throughout the world, especially when that good news was forced out. Saul persecuted that early church spreading that Word everywhere.

What is the Church?
If the dispensation of grace began at the cross…
When did the church begin?

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