There’s stupidity, and then there’s the Democrats

There’s a first-rate adage from the notorious French avant-gardist Jean Cocteau that I translate as “Stupidity is always astonishing, no matter how many times you deal with it.”

Cocteau, being French, had plenty of opportunities to test that thesis. As for us, we’ve got the Democrats.

Since the days of the Clintons, Democratic crimes never seem to come as single spies, or even in battalions, but it something like divisions or army corps. That certainly seems to be the case with Joe Biden, as several stories that have bubbled up over the past few days attest:

  • Hunter Biden was caught trying to run interference in Congress for corrupt Romanian land baron Gabriel Popoviciu without bothering to register as a foreign agent. Popoviciu later went to prison over a corrupt land deal. (This story first appeared last May, but is only now gaining traction thanks to Rudy Giuliani’s interest.)
  • It turns out that Papa Joe himself was paid $900,000 for lobbying on behalf of Burisma, the exact same outfit that Hunter was entangled with. (This was revealed by Ukrainian Rada member Andriy Derkach. I suppose Trump called him too.)
  • It has also developed that the 2020 candidate that the whistleblower had a relationship with was none other than Joe himself. The whistleblower not only briefed Biden about Ukraine, but also accompanied him there on Air Force Two, which suggests more than a casual relationship.

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