‘Hard-Hitting CNN Journalist’ Jim Acosta Came to a Vile Conclusion About Trump Supporters In Minneapolis


“2020 will be 2016 all over again and then some. Bashing immigrants, stoking hatred of the press, protesters being ejected, fringe viewpoints, and police in riot gear… all on display at Trump’s rally in MN,” he said on Twitter.

He came to that conclusion solely based on one person’s sign.  A red sign. Go figure.  Apparently wanting secure borders is “bashing immigrants.”   Apparently calling out the media’s blatant leftist agenda masqueraded as “neutral reporting” is somehow “stoking hatred of the press.”   Apparently wanting to drain the swamp is somehow a “fringe viewpoint.” And he wonders why the American people loathe the mainstream media? Gee. Wonder why.

But guess what he fails to include or even condemn? The leftist Antifa protestors who were setting things on fire and disrespecting police officers. In typical Antifa fashion, they were attacking those they disagree with.

So, yes, Jim. You’re right. 2020 will be just like 2016. You and your leftist cohorts will continue to turn a blind eye to violence, especially when it’s launched at conservatives. You will continue to ignore Antifa and act like they’re simply “lone attacks” even though they show up en masse to various events across the country with the goal of hurting others.

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