“It’s me, not you??”

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s me, not you,” when trying to figure out where the major problem / blame should be placed, and such differences between disagreeing people cannot be reconciled.  But, when it comes to Christianity, I have to wonder if it’s the even bigger problem of, “It’s me, not them.”  That is, am I the one who “just doesn’t get it?”

As a product of Western Civilization, I have a general idea of what being a Christian is supposed to mean; or at least, what I’ve been told that it is supposed to mean.  Based on the teachings of Jesus the(ir) Christ: it means to have care and concern for the welfare of others (aka “love”); it means being a positive force for humanity’s greater good; it means being an exemplary ethical role model that others want to emulate; and it means a constant striving to always try to be “better” than you are, even as you, in your humanity, occasionally fall out of favor with your God.  Right so far?  Or is it still “me, not them” who is confused?

Enter one proverbial wrecking ball, “Christian” Donald J. Trump.  

Now it’s one thing to be “not perfect, just forgiven.”  Even I can get that… up to a point.  But it’s another to abuse that undeserved love (grace) on virtually a daily basis.  Based on my observations, Donald Trump abuses that undeserved (by his God) love, with reckless abandon.  Now maybe he saves up all his sins and asks for forgiveness in bulk, only to start the tally over again for the next round of forgiveness asking, IDK.  Maybe that’s how it can work, for such believing Christians.  But here are my questions:

For our resident Christians:

-Does Donald Trump make a mockery of your beloved religion?  Explain Donald Trump’s religious mindset from your Christian POV.  Are you proud of him?

For our non-Christians here:

-Do you see Donald Trump the same way as I do; claiming CINO (Christianity in name only) and “using and abusing” that moniker in order to curry favor with that group?  Explain Donald Trump’s religious mindset from your non-Christian POV.  On behalf of all humanity writ large, are you embarrassed by him?

Thanks for recommending.

“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

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